Hello. Welcome to my blog/hub/brain. I am dan DNA. i make beats and rhymes, write songs and stories, record bands and events, and shit concepts and philosophies. i also spend a large part of my time thinking about things that i should pay no mind to. Thanks for showing interest in my site :)

i am a member of the Hip-Hop crew ‘Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom’, and a larger collective ‘Many Minds’, as well as running a Secret Overground, Underground studio in West London ‘The SOUnd Bunker’. Some of my tunes (and remixes) can be found at soundcloud.com/dan_dna, and a few Many Minds beats can be found at soundcloud.com/many-minds. The free, downloadable GotAW album ‘Psychoanalysis – The Stan Gooch edition’ can be found at www.gotaw.bandcamp.com

‘I’m not all darkness, but i am less than 50% light.’

if you would like to follow me using twitter i am @dan_DNA





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